Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And we're off!

I slept 4 hours Monday night.  And last night I didn't go to bed at all.  Besides being tired, it was kind of nice -- quiet and peaceful in the house.  After a year of this crazy paperchase, all the pieces seemed to be in order.  We were ready to go.

Right now we're sitting in Toronto and they're calling us to board our international flight to Beijing.  Our first two flights have been uneventful.  I've slept a lot. In fact that's all I've done.  I've been unconscious every time the drink cart passed.

Technology - yikes!  It's wonderful -- and such an enormous headache at the same time.  We just video skyped the girls at home. It was kind of a trial run.  I think they could see us!  But the video on this end was frozen and jumpy.

And Mike is working on VPN access for us so that I can access Blogger and Facebook from China.  It's not exactly working correctly yet.

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  1. Prayers, two flights already, but from Toronto it shouldn't be too long.


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