Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Wenxin is an amazing kid.  I'm amazed at how quickly he learns.  He watches us and quickly adapts to our ways.  Yesterday, I noticed he called Mike "Daddy" a few times instead of the Chinese term, "Baba."  He's been listening. 

If I were in his shoes, I'd be stressed beyond belief by all the changes.  I'm sure he is stressed to some degree, but he seems resilient and flexible.  He's eating and sleeping and playing and laughing.

And he keeps blowing me out of the water by helping.  After dinner last night, everyone ran off to play and Wenxin stuck around and cleared the table - without being asked.  This morning he asked if he could sweep the floors.  I gave him a dust mop for the wood floors and minutes later he presented me with a big pile of fuzzy crud that he'd swept up -- he even moved the bar stools and swept all the crumbs under the bar.

At dinner, if he notices that Mike and I are low on drinks, he runs to the fridge and comes back with the soda or juice or whatever and refills our glasses!  I'm not kidding. 

Maybe it's genetic - because the kids who got my genes. . . the constant helping without being asked?  Doesn't seem to be in their DNA.


  1. Must be something they taught at BCWI, we have the same "problem" He was especially helpful in Beijing, it leveled off a bit, but tonite he made a salad and was a bit miffed that his brothers don't eat cucumber salad. Mom and Dad ate their share.


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