Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Death by Great Wall

This photo, taken by Wen Xin, does not begin to portray the pain and agony The Great Wall of China exacted on me this morning.  We started way down there at the bottom with a great throng of people that continued to thin as we went higher.  Can you see that I'm basically dragging myself up the stairs at this point?  I'm eating Advil tonight and hope to be able to walk tomorrow.  Congrats to Wen Xin for taking the day's best photo!

Our days here have so many ups and downs.  Wen Xin and I have made some progress.  Now he'll let me hold him and pick him up.  But he's a big boy and Mike warned me not to pick him up too much.  "If you go down, I'm sunk, " were his exact words. 

Today we've had sweet encouraging moments when we've felt our hearts grow more attached to his.  And there have also been moments of intense testing of our boundaries.  And there have been tears.  Sometimes the tears don't make sense to me.  Could be cultural, but I think more than anything that he's just grieving and the tears come out at unexpected times. 


  1. Great pictures and wonderful updates. Thanks for sharing and being so honest about how things are going. We continue to lift you guys up.

  2. You picture matches the picture at the top of your blog! Excellent eye Wen Xin!!

  3. Mike and Dana,

    God give you the strength to conquer all your walls. The beauty on the other side is worth the struggle. Blessings, Heinrichs


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