Friday, September 17, 2010

Signing off from China

In a little over an hour, we'll climb on a van for the airport.  Guangzhou to Beijing; Beijing to Washington D.C.; Washington to Orlando.  We arrive after midnight at 12:20 am on September 19.  We've asked the grandparents to bring our other kids to the airport to welcome Wen Xin home.  Any friends who can stay up that late are welcome to meet us as well.

Wonder what that's going to be like?  He'll be exhausted from 20 plus hours on a plane.  And he'll be in a new place where no one is speaking Chinese anymore.  I hope friends and family will cut him some slack if he's less than friendly.  I don't expect he'll run up and give everyone a hug.  Would be nice, but. .. not very likely. 

We're ready.  This time in China has been so good.  I absolutely love Asia!  But now it's time to go.

Wen Xin seems really really happy.  I'm certain he likes us.  He still doesn't do "first time obedience," - or 40th time obedience for that matter.  But we'll work on that when we get home.

We are feeling like a family.

So. . . See you in Orlando!

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