Sunday, September 12, 2010

Say What?

At The White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, all adopted kids receive a special gift from Mattel. . . American Barbie and her Chinese baby.
When you adopt in China, all roads home must pass through Guangzhou.  That's where the American Consulate that processes visas for adopted Chinese kids is located.  The White Swan, a beautiful five star hotel on the Pearl River, caters to adoptive parents.  Thus, the partnership with Mattel and the free Barbie. 

I saw all shapes and sizes of exhausted adoptive moms at breakfast this morning.  I can't say I saw any that looked anything like that Barbie : )

And c'mon Mattel.  I know you make some toys for boys.


  1. OK, it is still true, you learn something new everyday! Its kind of neat for Mattel to do that, but I'm sure that they could produce a Ken with his adopted Chinese baby, too... =0)

  2. Hi, came across your blog by accident, so happy for you and your new son. We adopted a 6yo girl from Beijing in 2009; reading your posts is bringing back so many memories!

    Best wishes in your journey.


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