Monday, September 13, 2010

A few thoughts. . .

I hope to blog more after dinner, but today was Wen Xin's medical exam.  He is very healthy but had to have four immunization shots and a TB test.  Ouch!  He was very brave.  Then Mike accidentally spilled scalding water on his hand.  That brought tears.  Thought Mike might cry as well.

Wen Xin and I have been going down to breakfast before Mike each morning and as I sat there this morning watching all the adopted kids and their families, I couldn't help but think that my son was the most handsome of them all.  I know I'm biased.  But I'm pretty sure it's still true. : )

I read a great article on attachment today that reminded me that real attachment takes a long long time.  You can read it here.

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  1. It has been so nice to follow along your journey - breakfast at the White Swan is hard to describe. I agree that your boy is certainly most handsome!!!


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