Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In About Five Hours. . .

we leave for the airport.  So I'm packing.  Really.  Now for weeks, I've been thinking and collecting stuff.  Over the weekend I got serious and made a detailed packing list on my computer.  Bags went on my bedroom floor and all the collected stuff went in.  I think the detailed list led to more shopping.  Today I made my last Wal-Mart run and put anything that has the remotest chance of leaking in ziplocks.  Tonight I'm shuffling stuff and weighing bags. I don't expect we'll sleep.  Which is a great plan. . . as long as we get some good sleep on the plane!  Hoping to blog from China.  Blogger is blocked there, but there are ways around that : )  Finally I'll be able to post photos of Joseph because he'll be our son, and best of all, we'll be in the photos with him!

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