Friday, August 27, 2010

No time, no time, no time

We are soooo busy.  I would love to post photos of the new kids' rooms -- they are so cute.  Or the farm table that finally came.  Or my house in shambles as they were tearing down the termite wall on the very day we got the call to go to China.  Great blog material. . .

But we are homeschooling and going to soccer practice and packing and writing lesson plans and schedules and such for the grandparents to use while we're gone.  And buying gifts for the nannies at the orphanage and the Chinese notaries.  And finalizing all the finances.  And applying for Chinese visas.  And buying a webcam for our computer so we can video Skype with our kids while we're gone.  I think my head is going to explode! And stressing over the fact that our new aquarium that was sparkling and beautiful just the other day, now is green and murkey with brown stuff growing on the bottom.  This is no time for an aquarium emergency!  And getting a new haircut and de-frizzing treatment because Joseph's new mommy is vain!

One way or the other, we are getting on a plane on Wednesday morning, Sept 1(slight date change there.)  We'll arrive in Beijing September 2 and on September 3, Joseph will become our son.

Here's our China itinerary:

Itinerary for Michael & Dana Ball family / Fan Wen Xin (2002-12-31)
September 2nd: Arriving in Beijing at 15:55. Staying in Wang Fu Jing Grand Hotel

September 3rd: Go to the orphanage to meet and pick up Joseph; Registration in the Civil Affairs Bureau

September 4th: Local sightseeing: Summer Palace

September 5th: Local sightseeing: Great Wall

September 6th: Get the Registration Certificate in the afternoon.

September 7th: Notarization and applying for the passport

September 8th: Local sightseeing: Forbidden City

September 9th: Local sightseeing: Beijing Zoo and Olympic Park

September 10th: Local sightseeing: Science & Technology Museum and the Acrobatic Show.

September 11th: Get Joseph's Chinese passport; Fly from Beijing to Guangzhou. Stay in White Swan Hotel.

September 12th: Local sightseeing: Yuntai Gardern (Cloud Terrace Garden)

September 13th: Medical check and taking visa photo; Local sightseeing: Pedestrian Street

September 14th: Local sightseeing: Liuhuahu Lake Park

September 15th: Visa appointment at 9:00AM,

September 16th: Swearing in the ceremony at the Consulate; Local sightseeing: Six Banyan Temple

September 17th: Get Joseph’s visa to enter the U.S.

September 18th: Fly from Guangzhou to Beijing and then transfer to international flight home.

September 19th:  Arrive in Orlando at 12:20 am. and introduce Joseph to his new siblings and grandparents who'll be waiting for us at the airport!


  1. I was wondering how you are doing! Sounds like my week, well not the house ripped apart, but you know...
    you WILL be fine...take it one hop at a time.
    Make sure you take time to blog while you are there

  2. Oh Dana - don't worry - it will all come together! Can not wait to see you with your son!! ANd as far as getting stuff to go - take your money, passports & paperwork - anything else you can buy there!!! God Bless!


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