Saturday, October 23, 2010

Posted on the Fridge; Carried in the Car

Take a closer look.  There's the good -- stuff we really like in our family.

And then, there's the bad.  Truth, be told, the whole point of this little poster is to get Wenxin to quit sticking out his tongue so much.  O.K., so he still grabs stuff every now and then, but that's a lot better.  And fighting has never really been a problem.  I wanted there to be a rule that he already keeps almost all the time so he'd feel proud of himself.

Wenxin loves this.  He attempts to draw the pictures.  He tried to explain it to some of our friends at soccer today.  And we've seen a dramatic decrease in "sticking out his tongue" at everyone, because in our family -- we just don't do that.


  1. That is great and might be helpful for the 6 yr old we are adopting shortly. Did you make that yourself?


  2. I did. I just googled "sticking tongue out clip art." When I found the smiley face with a sticking out tongue, I thought it was perfect so I just went from there.

    It is very helpful. After just 6 weeks home, he understands a great percentage of what we say, but the visual helps reinforce it and makes it fun.


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