Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Fun in Florida

 One of the best things about living in Central Florida is that the beach is only forty minutes away.  Another good thing is that mid-October in Central Florida feels like late Spring in other parts of the country.  So you can spend most of Saturday cleaning house and running errands and still make a late afternoon beach run.  Yep, when we should've been pulling the scarecrow and fake pumpkins down from the attic, we ended up doing this instead.
The beach is always magical.  But it's especially magical for a seven year old who's exploring it for the first time.
This has been long week.  Wenxin had four hopelessly decayed baby teeth extracted and two more teeth filled.  Poor kid.  Thank goodness for anesthesia and the tooth fairy and dental insurance.  Katherine and Nathan had throat infections.  Actually, Nathan still has a throat infection and went to the beach with a fever.  We're not really bad parents, but with four kids ages 6-10, if we wait for everyone to be totally well, it may be next summer before we get out of the house.
As the sun went down, leaving us wet and chilly (especially feverish Nathan), we flew this cool kite we bought at Olympic Village in Beijing.  Did you know kites were invented in Ancient China?  

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  1. hahaha! if you check far enough back, almost EVERYTHING was invented in China! |;-/ God bless you all!


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