Monday, October 18, 2010

Mama Likes Chinese!

I noticed last week that Wenxin had begun to say, "Wenxin, no Chinese.  Wenxin English."  If anyone said he was Chinese, he would say, "No."  He even said, "Wenxin, no Chinese.  Mama Chinese."  OK, so now I'm the Chinese one in the family.

I get it.  Everyone wants to fit in.

So I've begun a "Chinese is good /Mama likes Chinese" campaign at our house.  At random times throughout the day, I'll scoop up Wenxin and say, " Nathan, Julia and Katherine only speak one language, but Wenxin can speak two!  Wenxin speaks English and Wenxin speaks Chinese.  Chinese is good!  Mama likes Chinese!"

I think he believes me.  Occasionally, he'll come up and out of the blue, he'll teach me the Chinese word for something.  He'll listen as I repeat it and help me with my pronounciation. 

Chinese is good.  Mama likes Chinese.


  1. That's so sweet! You guys are doing such a great job through all these new adjustments! I love reading your posts and following along. =)

  2. This-a mama likes Chinese too...sometimes I even repeat my lessons correctly :^)

  3. Love it! What a sweet boy you have!

  4. So funny.. we are still praying for you all daily. Have you got a good family shot since he arrived? Need to update the one on your blog page... in your spare time :)

  5. I do need a new family photo. Problem is that Wenxin hates having his photo taken, so the only family photos we have only show the top of his head.

    We've been talking about it and just maybe we're approaching the point where he'll actually smile for the camera. Maybe.

  6. From Alison -
    I love this idea! It would be tough around here, though. Mama like Thai, and Chinese, and Vietnamese! My brain would not hold all the words. :-) We are praying for y'all.


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