Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Working My Mom Style!

One can only talk about serious adoption issues for so long. . . so today, let's take a break and discuss Mom style! Because I, for one, am committed to fighting frumpiness at every stage of the game.

via Putting Me Together
Realistic style. I love it when I find a fashion blog that works for me at my stage of life. Side note: I don't really know what to call my stage of life. Am I looking for mom style or over-fifty style? Yes. Both. Oh, and don't forget frugal style. My style needs are many!

Recently, I started following a blog called Putting Me Together by the adorable Audrey, pictured above. Audrey's blog features lots of affordable casual / dressy-casual looks that are perfect for busy moms. Nothing too fussy or complicated. I love how in the photo above she takes jeans and a plain tee, my normal everyday uniform, and just by throwing on a scarf and a jacket, creates a polished casual outfit that has style.

10-year-old Julia made an observation after looking at Audrey's blog with me. 

"It's not just the accessories that make the difference, Mom. She's also changing how she stands."

So with that thought in mind, Julia and I made a guide to styling with body language. I guess confidence makes a difference at any age.

We had fun doing this. Thanks for humoring us.

I'm still enjoying Pinterest as a tool to help me define my personal style. Thinking about what I really like in clothing and what works for me at this stage of life helps me avoid impulse purchases that are all wrong. Because remember, I don't need a lot of clothes, I just need the right clothes.

In closing, guess what's being delivered to my door this Thursday? Stitch Fix #2. With a little referral credit and some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, I ordered another Fix. I'm going to photograph it all for you this time, so you can get an idea of what the Stitch Fix experience is really like.

I've already peeked in my account to see what they shipped to me this time, and I'm a little concerned. Three of the five pieces have stripes. I did say, about a million times, that my biggest priority in the fix was that it be slimming. So I'm not sure what's up with all the stripes. The other thing that concerns me is that they are sending me a blouse that has a flounder print -- as in THE FISH! I just cannot imagine any universe in which I'd feel pretty in a shirt covered in flounder. What's up Stitch Fix?!! Am I so out of it, that I'm the only one who doesn't know that flounder shirts are all the rage?

Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. Or maybe we'll all get a good laugh when I post my Stitch Fix review next week. Or maybe, I should buy the flounder shirt just for fun and give it away on this blog! You never know. . . it could be yours!

So what are your best Mom style tips? (Totally open to over-fifty tips, as well.) Are there any style blogs I should check out? Would love to hear from you!

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  1. the pictures of Julia make me laugh. I'm right with you style-wise - currently in kachi shorts, tank and flannel shirt. pretty stylin' for me! :)


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