Monday, February 25, 2013

Where I Pretend to be a Fashion Blogger

I have a confession to make.

For the past year, I've worn the same pair of jeans -- almost every day.

Simple reason. The combination of hitting fifty and having several injuries -- knee, ankle, foot -- has led to some unfortunate weight gain -- mostly around my middle. Over the last year, I literally changed shape.

Thankfully, I picked up a really cute pair of curvy jeans on sale at Ann Taylor Loft, and they fit the new me to a tee. Add a handful of tanks, cardigans and scarves, and I've been able to make a lot of cute outfits from that one pair of jeans.

And I learned something in the process. I don't need a lot of clothes. I just need the right clothes.

As long as I have a working washing machine, I can live with one pair of jeans. Please don't judge. Smile.

It's changing the way I shop. I don't need a whole bunch of sale stuff that almost works. Instead, I need to invest in clothing that, first of all, fits, and second, is my style.

A while back, this post about building a small wardrobe started me thinking this way.

More recently, it's been Pinterest to the rescue. Thinking about my style, I put together this Pinterest board of outfits I like. Defining my style helps me not buy the wrong clothes just because they are on sale.

For me as a mom, it's important to keep the frumpiness at bay as much as possible. I love it when I come out of the bedroom dressed for the day, and the kids say, "Are we going somewhere?" However, when I spend the whole day in pajamas with unbrushed hair, it's a different story. On those days, Wenxin has been known to say, "Hey guys, Mom kind of looks like Medusa."

With that in mind, I need to go brush my hair before we start school. Today also happens to be Katherine's birthday. I wouldn't want to look like Medusa for that!

Don't miss Part II where I share about how I'm finding cute clothes via an online stylist.


  1. A good pair of jeans is a treasure! Work what works!

  2. You have described my last year too - only I have two very cool pairs of yoga-type pants (black, and charcoal) that can look dressy or casual or sporty. The reason is weight gain but it has actually taught me that I really need so little. Now I just have to find a great pair of jeans to fit my bod!

  3. BRAVO!!! I agree, I believe it is the wisdom we get as we get older. It is about feeling good about ourselves. And I don't need closet full of clothes I rarely wear because it looks good on me but very uncomfortable...LOL, I hope someone can relate.

  4. Dana,
    I just want to let you know how much I love your blog. Although I rarely comment, I read every post!
    I recently had my closet painted, and I've only very slowly started moving stuff back in. I have so many outdated clothes that I rarely wear, and it's so nice walking into a closet with a few items that I actually like and wear.
    Pretty much everything you write about resonates with me, and I've especially loved all your wisdom and insight about older child adoption -- would love for our boys to reconnect someday, and I'd love to meet you in person.
    Thank you for what you do. Have a blessed day!

  5. I had a friend ( a really, really good friend) come and so a closet make over- brought in the clothes rack and everything. She, "You've got 5 black jackets, pick one." Me, "But, but". 5 bags (big black yard bags, not whimpy grocery bags) of clothing went to the Good Will. Closet is now organized and color coordinated - including my necklaces which hang on a pegboard, and earrings in a large clear pocket bag I got at Home Goods.
    For the over 50 shape - Gloria Vanderbilt jeans - at Costco, yep that purveyer of fashion. Come in regular, petite, tall, and Women's plus sizes, lots of colors and they stretch.$15

    1. Jeans that work -- Yes, that's one thing that changes over 50! I've had to dump any jeans that are the least bit low rise. If they come up just a tad higher, everything works much better!


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