Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What We Did This Weekend


Last Thursday, Julia and two other nine-year-old friends decided to form a 3v3 soccer team. Setting their sights on a tournament just two days away, their goal was to go and play, have fun, and earn an invitation to the 3v3 Nationals at Disney Wide World of Sports next month.

And they wanted to coach themselves.

Reluctantly, they "allowed" Mike to sit on their bench and signal the ref if they needed a sub. And he "allowed" them to keep him on a very short leash.  This was their team.  Their tournament.  Their challenge.

They owned it.

Six tough games over two days in almost 100 degree weather.  With only two little sisters as subs. Over the weekend five people fainted from the heat -- four players and a ref.  It was brutal.

Our girls rocked.  They walked away with silver medals and an invitation to Nationals.  And as you can see, they were pretty pleased with themselves.

The first place team was a year older (3 years older than our littlest sub), and they train year around.  Our girls decided to form a team two days before the tournament.  Not shabby.  Not shabby at all.  Watch out Disney.  Here we come!

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