Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blogaholics Anonymous

I'm a blog addict, an information junkie. I read decorating blogs, home organization blogs, adoption blogs, political blogs - anything that makes me learn or think or laugh or grow. Here's a smattering of posts I've enjoyed lately. Disclaimer: By posting these links, I'm not saying I endorse all the views expressed; but I am saying they made me think. 

How Married Women Can Serve Single Women Better - I married at 36, and I ditto the message of this single Christian woman.

When Enough is Enough - Answering the question, "Do we adopt again?"

Before I Was Adopted - A  teenage girl, pregnant as the result of rape. Lied to by those who proposed to help her. Adoptive parents, overjoyed to be chosen to raise her child. Lied to as well. And finally, the adopted daughter who, as an adult, uncovers the truth for them all.

What I Learned from My Children:  Go Low -- A Path to Selflessness - A Christian perspective on the sacrifices of motherhood.

10 Tips for New Bloggers - I'm sure someone here is thinking of starting a blog. Or maybe you have a blog that you'd like to take to the next level. This is the post for you.

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