Friday, July 6, 2012

Warrior Moms (Blogaholics Anonymous)

Warrior Moms.

That's the term that comes to mind as I think of some of the moms I've met on our adoption journey.

Moms who choose to adopt kids who aren't babies anymore -- kids who come with more than their fair share of medical and emotional needs.  Moms who drag themselves out of bed every day, no matter how tired, and fight for their children.

On the outside they look just like other moms.  They may even color their hair, wear lipstick and love cute shoes, but make no mistake about it,  these ladies are warriors.  Today's Blogaholics Anonymous salutes four such moms.

He said IT - One adoptive mom's thoughts when her son looked her in the eye and said, "You're not my mom!"

Choosing to See - Another adoptive mom's thoughts when faced with spending the summer far from home so her daughter can get the medical care she needs.

Proof of Motherhood Required? - Get ready.  This one might make you mad.  We already love Karen here at Death by Great Wall.  She recently wrote a guest post where she shared that older child adoption is exhausting.  You're not going to believe what happened to her this week.

"First?" Bilateral Amputee to Ride Ripstik? - You have to see this. 

Are you a warrior mom?  It's OK.  Go ahead and admit it.  Now think for a moment. What helps you keep perspective and keep fighting for your child?  Leave a comment and let us know.


  1. I am warrior mom & proud of it! I figure if God has entrusted me with these specific children (both adopted & biological) to care for, the least I can give is 110%. It took me 18 months of struggling to bond with my second daughter to figure out WHY God had hiben her to ME. Once I gave up my selfish ways and gave my ALL to her, eberything started to change. She has a learning disability that could have been devastating if God hadn't shaken me and made me fight for her like the warrior mom I now am!

  2. Brooke - Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I love the 110% part!

  3. Thank you Dana! I think we all just take it day by day doing what God called us to do. All of the encouragement sure does help!

    1. Cindy - That's certainly how I do it. I think I read that you guys are headed home. So happy for you.


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