Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Music to My Ears

"Hey Mom, watch this!"

Last month, Wenxin took some birthday money he'd been hanging onto for about 9 months and purchased something he'd been thinking about for a while -- a yo yo.

With each new trick he learns, he struts a little more as he calls out, "Hey mom, watch this!"

Music to my ears.

Kids in state care miss so much.  Stuff that's so normal we take it for granted.  Like the opportunity to show off for Mom and Dad.

Think about it.  Babies quickly become natural performers as their parents ooh and aah and applaud each new accomplishment.  First smiles, first words, first steps -- all recorded in photos and usually on video too, then posted on Facebook for the world to see. 

Who does the orphanage baby smile for?

One more little thing that's really a big thing. Something our older adopted kids may have missed.

So if you see me or Mike drop everything to ooh and aah and show our total amazement over something Wenxin has learned, please know we're not spoiling him.  We're giving him something he missed out on for a long time.

"Hey Mom, watch this!"  Music to my ears.

There's more than one way to show off!

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  1. I love this post! So very true. We make a big deal out of everything from showing off to the slightest owie needing a band-aid! I'm sure many think we are spoiling our two...but I've watched them LEARN to call out. You are right music to my ears!


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