Friday, November 19, 2010

Downloaded from Wenxin's Camera

Wenxin takes that little camera and documents everyday life at our house:  the good, the bad and the ugly.  The fat, the tired, even wrinkles and nose hairs.  Yep, he likes extreme close-ups, but I'll spare you.  Guess I'm really trying to spare me.
We've been having really long homeschool days.
Daddy was brave enough to get a haircut, and we have about 30 photos to prove it.
Look what happened next.
Didn't I make a rule against stuff like this?
Wenxin's getting way too good at the Wii.
The TV provides endless photo ops.  


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  1. I was thinking about getting my five year old a camera this year, Im always finding stange photos he has taken on my camera.


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