Monday, August 17, 2009

The Thing that's Bothering Me

OK -- so it's been a week now with no word from China -- or the agency for that matter. So the high of the last few weeks is leveling out a little. And as it does, a few questions keep bugging me.

Why can't Wenxin stay in the foster home where he's lived since birth? Do they want him? Could they adopt him if they wanted to? Is he happy there? Will he be relieved to leave or will he forever grieve the family he's being ripped away from?

And the question that's really eating at me is how in the world can we really find the answers?

It's not like I haven't already asked. The lady at the agency says "all these kids know that they'll age out of the system at 14. They know they need a home."

I think I'm supspicious of the whole adoption business. It would be naive to think that everyone involved is looking out for the best interest of the child. I want Wenxin to be in a loving family where he's valued and where he's safe. Is he already there? I get that he's probably poor; that his foster parents are probably peasants. I know that if he stays there, he'll probably receive little education and grow up to be a peasant too. But is that really so bad? Is being ripped from the only family you've ever known and carried to a more affluent country to be raised by loving and kind strangers who will provide you a better education really the preferable option?

I'm trusting God to lead through China's response to us.

When this post was originally published, it did not include Wenxin's photo per China's pre-adoption requirements.

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