Saturday, December 1, 2012

This is NOT our Christmas Card Photo!

But it was a finalist!

(Maybe one day I'll blog about the futility of trying to take an outdoor Christmas card photo of a family of six on a very windy day.)

Next week, I'll be blogging about navigating the holidays with newly adopted kids. Is there anything you think I should address? Leave a comment.


  1. Yes, it is definitely not easy. Happy Holidays!

  2. HI, Dana,
    great post! Based on how our son reacted to Thanksgiving, we, too, are keeping Christmas lowkey or trying to. Some parts will be stressful, like our son having to perform in our school's Christmas concert (I am telling him tonight so he will be able to assimilate the idea in his head). He has not shown much interest in Christmas, and I've had to learn to tone things down, as I do love Christmas and I want his first one to be special, but not overwhelming.


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