Friday, August 12, 2011

Little Glimpses of Kindness

Every now and then I see a little glimpse of the boy I hope Wenxin is becoming. 

Wenxin hated what I prepared for dinner tonight and continued to whine and cry that he was hungry long after we'd finished.

Food is a big deal for kids who've suffered significant trauma, so even though I want him to learn to eat what I prepare, I decided I needed to feed him something before bed.  I remembered that I'd bought some frozen chicken strips when they were B1G1 last week and thought that would be an easy solution.

When Wenxin saw what I was preparing he asked, "Can you fix some for everyone, Mama?  I know Katherine really likes those."

Thoughtfulness, empathy, sharing, kindness.  I like that.


  1. I really needed to see that tonight. Often he's tough -- looking out for himself like he probably had to back in the orphanage. I've often wondered if I'd ever see him consider the feelings of the other kids. Baby steps.