Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We asked for an update. . .

We asked our agency to get an update on Joseph. We asked where he is living now, if he is in school yet, if he received our care package and has seen our photo album and if we could have any baby pictures they have of him (this is very unlikely to happen, but we will pray and ask as nicely and persistently as we can while we are in China.)

My expectations for a response were low, but just a few days later - here it is!


He was in a foster home, but is living in the orphanage now.

2) 他接受了正规教育吗?

He attends school at the orphanage.

3) 去年家长给你们邮寄了家庭的相片本,你们给他看了吗?如果没有,准备什磨时候给孩子看和谈收养。

Yes, we have given him the package and he has seen the photo album.

4) 家长去接孩子的时候院里有他小时候的相片给家长吗?家长想尽量地让孩子以后有他自己小时候的相片。

We will give the family all of his photos we have.





  1. Hey! where are my answers??? Gotta ask again.

  2. Ask and keep asking. Ask nicely, but keep asking.


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