Monday, April 5, 2010

Joseph is Coming to a Sweet Family!

It's Spring Break for us this week. Tonight Little Miss remembered that today, April 5, is her friend Gracie's birthday. Since she won't be seeing Gracie this week she asked to send her an e-mail.

Little Miss dictated as I typed. Here goes:

Dear Gracie,

Happy Birthday, Gracie! I hope you had a good birthday today. I hope you got good presents. This is the day that God sent you to the earth! I really like you. You are a special gift of God.

Little Miss

What an amazingly sweet birthday message, if I do say so myself.


  1. Hi Balls!
    I am so glad that you sent me this link. I hope you get this message. We are SO excited for you guys and cannot wait until your son comes home. Do you remember that we went through CWA too?

  2. Yes - I first contacted CWA after talking with you. We got access to the HOPE lists and that's where we found Joseph's picture.


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