Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nesting Update

Progress on the master bath: Bye-bye pink and hello beautiful chocolate brown. I love my white towels with the dark brown monogram. They were a gift to us from Santa! (Santa even brought towels monogrammed with the kids' names for their bathroom. Add that to the list of things the kids will fuss about when they're grown - towels for Christmas!)

I also love the framed photo. Although you can't see it for the glare, it's a photo of a glacier from our 10th Anniversary trip to Alaska. I framed some of the amazing photos from our trip to use as artwork for our bath. Now we can enjoy those special memories every day!

Yea Mike - kudos for giving us a beautiful bathroom on a tiny budget! I hope you're just warming up because I'm buying paint for the living room this week.


  1. Gorgeous!! Great job, you guys!

  2. Just gorgeous - it is exactly what I would have picked myself!! Awesome job Mike!


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