Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wise Counsel

Mike arrived home and we began to talk and pray. Up until this point, we'd pursued adopting Wenxin, but had not officially signed with Christian World Adoption and had put no money down.

Grandma (Mike's Mom) was in town. She was so sweet -- she said that she didn't want to get her hopes up, that this was our decision. But the twinkle in her eye indicated her excitement and approval.

To be honest, Nathan, Julia and Katherine weren't that encouraging. They like our family the way it is. They fear the changes that adding another child will bring. We had them so close together that they don't ever remember life without each other. So getting a new sibling seems like a brand new thing to them.

Mike and I continued to feel like God was saying, "Yes." But Mike wanted us to make a phone call to a friend who's a seasoned adoptive dad. This family has adopted 5 children internationally -- all as infants or toddlers. His counsel calmed our heart and gave us the final green light.

While he couldn't speak to the challenges of adopting an older child, he said that he felt that it was a confirmation that both Mike and I felt led to this particular child. He said that our kids would come around. And he encouraged us to think long term. He talked about the impact that this decision could have on future generations -- that as Wenxin comes into our home and hears the gospel, he will be able to reproduce that in the lives of his children and grandchildren. God can use this little boy in a powerful way to change the world.

We hung up the phone and hit the ground running. We applied to Christian World Adoption that night and did their Orientation Webinar the next morning. We signed lots of papers and had them notarized. We hired a social worker to do our home study. Now that we know for sure, we want to bring Wenxin home as soon as possible.


  1. Dear Dana and Mike. Have faith and a clear purpose and God will move mountains. We believe in you and your decision to adopt Wen Xin. He is adorable, by the way.
    I have a sweet, lovable Godson who is from Korea. My sister and brother-in-law adopted him when he was an infant - but they can speak about their decision to become a cross-raced family. If you would like to speak to her - she would be than happy to talk to you.
    If Todd and I can help in any way - please let us. For now, we will turn our energy to prayer for all of you. Love.

  2. Dana,
    My sister in law, Suzette Lewis Davie and her husband Gabe, have adopted 3 children from the Ukraine(spelling) and 1 African American boy. They already had 3 birth children. Colton - 22, Luke - 19, and Alexandra - 16. The first two were adopted 2 years ago, Vetallic 18, and Roman 12. Jaden (the African American boy was adopted from the Adlum (Spelling?)House in Montgomery where they were volunteering. His birth mother is incarcerated in an Alabama prison. Also, Vinca (a girl from the Ukraine)has become a part of their family in the last few months. They love the Lord and walk with him diligently. They felt led to adopt other children. They are financially able to do so. So they bought a 10,000 square foot home in Greystone, outside of B'ham, to raise their beautiful family. She is an attorney by profession (graduated from Southern Methodist Univ. in Dallas in 1989), but gave it up to homeschool her children. You can find her on facebook. She attended the Univ. of Montevallo while we were there. She was a mass comm. major - graduated (1985) with honors. I would love for you to talk to her as she has adopted older children. The middle child, Luke, has had a few problems adjusting, but the other two welcome their new sibling with open arms.

    Take care and I'll be praying for you and your family.


  3. Darnelle - Thanks so much! I will definitely look her up. It's harder to find people who've adopted older kids. I know it will have its challenges. Again, it's so good to hear from you. Thanks!