Monday, August 4, 2014


Sweet friendship. Italian ice and secret sharing.

Seemed perfect for this week's photo challenge over at I Heart Faces.

Photo Challenge Submission


  1. Beautiful! Makes me miss being that age.

  2. Lovely capture, Dana. I love the connection between them.

    This is completely off-topic, but I am looking into stitch fix. We recently brought home two 13 year olds, and I have a newborn foster daughter, plus four bio kids, and I have no time to shop (are you having deja vu?). Heck, some days I don't have time for makeup. At this stage in the game, I rely on whatever I can quickly get into my cart at Target. My question is, is Stitch Fix its own clothing brand, or do they go shopping to other stores for you? If they are their own brand, is the quality good?

    Thank you in advanced...

    1. Stitch Fix has their own brand, 41 Hawthorn, and I really like their style. Most of the items I've received, however, are from other brands. I've been happy with the quality overall. I will say that you can get similar quality and similar brands at a lower price point if you have time to shop sales on your own. But for me, the appeal of Stitch Fix is the convenience, and the fun of having someone else pick out clothes for me.

  3. Dana, looking at the submissions to I Heart Faces, yours is definitely one of my favorites!


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