Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dads . . . Heroes . . . Smile

Nathan goes to a University Model School where he studies in class 2 days a week and works at home the other 3 days. I love the extra time to spend with him.

Last week he had an assignment: write a 5 paragraph essay on a hero you know personally. Like most 12 year old boys, he chose his dad.

Then the teacher mentioned that you could always choose Jesus (it's a Christian school). Poor Mike. For a while, Jesus trumped Dad.

But in the end, when Nathan sat down to write, he changed his mind again and wrote a sweet tribute to his father. It's a little over the top, but that's the way we usually see our heroes. So with Nathan's permission, I share it here.

When thinking about heroes, famous military leaders and fictional superheroes often come to mind. My hero, however, has never been in the military, nor is he in a comic book. My hero is my dad. He helps spread the Gospel all over the world, generously helps others, and sacrifices for my family.

Traveling far and wide, my dad proclaims the word of Christ. He records and translates the Jesus Film, a revolutionary movie that is transforming lives around the globe. Undeniably, this is risky work. Once, while secretly recording in a closed Southeast Asian country, angry communist authorities attempted to arrest him. Forewarned by some friends, he and his recording team narrowly escaped. Nonetheless, the danger does not deter him. He now works primarily in . . location deleted for security reasons . . .in hope that more people will come to know Christ.

My dad eagerly serves others. When somebody needs help repairing something, he gives up his time to assist them. For example, he helped a neighbor fix a satellite dish during Hurricane Francis! Even as I was writing this paper, my dad was spending his Sunday afternoon fixing a young man’s ancient, broken-down car. Going out of his way to help others, he listens endlessly to people’s problems. Since he does these things, he is a light in the darkness.

My dad sacrifices many things for my family. After working all day, he comes home and continues to work. In many foreign cultures, men don’t work at home. Instead, at night, they go out with friends and enjoy themselves, leaving the women at home to take care of the children and work like slaves. When a Thai Buddhist woman stayed in our home, she was curious. Seeing my dad helping my mom with menial, household chores, she asked if he did it because he was American or because he was a Christian. Impressed by my dad’s humility, her interest in Jesus grew. I’m sure my dad would like to do the things he wants, but as a father he has a choice to make. My dad chooses sacrifice.

Finally, through spreading the Gospel, helping others, and sacrificing for our family, my dad is a hero. My dad is an example of what it means to be a father. He also is an outstanding example of godliness in my family. As far as I am concerned, he is an unrivaled warrior for Christ. He is my hero. He is my Superman. He is my dad.