Sunday, January 24, 2010


Yes, I'm nesting. For the past year, we've thought that we would buy a new house and move - the market seemed right for getting a little larger house to accomodate our growing family.

But the market's not very good for selling the house we own now, and the adoption itself is expensive. We want to be financially responsible. And then there's the fact that the adoption will bring a lot of change to our family and our kids hate change. Do we really want to add a move to the mix? As we looked at the big picture, we felt God leading us to stay.

So now I'm nesting. After living here 10 years, we finally painted the master bath. We have a new updated light fixture, new countertops and sinks -- all installed by Mike. A tile man will install a new backsplash this week. It's looking great!

But there's more to come! I'm scouring Craigslist for bunkbeds for both kids rooms. I'm looking for a large farmhouse table that will seat 8-10. I have paint samples chosen for almost every room. A sweet Christian decorator, who also served as a missionary in Africa for many years, helped me with ideas for turning our "smaller" house into a great place for a family of six! We'll see how far we get on "the plan," but so far, the master bath is looking great.

Moving Right Along

Our home study is complete and our I-800a is filed with US Customs and Immigration. Two big hurdles down - a bunch more to go. Pray that US Customs and Immigration will move quickly and that there won't be any bumps along the way.

I had a special treat in January to travel with Big Brother and a bunch of other 4th graders to visit Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown.

Now I'm finishing collecting documents for our dossier that will go to China. Each document has to be notarized, then authenticated by the Secretary of State in the state where it was notarized and then authenticated by the Chinese Consulate for that State. This involves a lot of mailing papers around and praying that nothing gets lost in the process. All of this has to happen before we send anything to China.